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Welcome to We Buy Ugly Towers dot com. We are telecommunication tower lease buyers and cell tower lease investors who may be interested in purchasing your cell tower lease rental revenue stream. We Make Premium Offers on Premium Cell Towers. We are experts in real estate and wireless telecommunications who are deeply entrenched in the cell tower industry and we are different than 99% of the "cell tower lease buyout" companies and websites out there. We are primarily interested in buying cell tower leases, cell tower ground leases and select rooftop cell site leases. We help property owners who have decided to sell their telecommunication lease rental streams to get the very best cell tower lease buyout offers, and fast closings on deals we make offers on their leases with wireless carriers and cell tower management companies. Whether you’re thinking about selling your cell tower lease in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, California, Maine or Michigan, or cashing out of your cell phone tower lease for a cash lump sum or buyout premium might be a way for your to hedge your bet against some of the changes that are going to affect the wireless telecommunication industry and cell tower landlords over the next decade. Tower Genius, LLC would like to talk to you if you are looking for answers about your cell tower. 

Sell Us Your Cell Tower Lease.

Talk to the Tower Geniuses at We-Buy-Ugly-Towers.com   Before Selling Your Cell Tower Lease, 
or Rooftop Cell Site Lease Rental Revenue Stream.

There are so many different confusing lease purchase offers out there, mainly because the sales people pushing the offers  are not from the telecommunications industry. To make matters worse,  it's hard to tell who is a buyer and who is a broker. Most of the "dialing for dollars" telemarketers that relentlessly call and bombard you with buyout offers are former stock brokers working for the large cell tower lease buyout companies, and reading a sales script. The majority know little to nothing about wireless telecommunications. 

We encourage you to shop around for your best cell tower lease buyout offer, and then bring us your best deal. We will analyze it and see the cell tower or rooftop cell site installation and accompanying lease agreement meet our investment criteria. Talking to us won't cost you a dime, and not talking to us before selling your cell tower lease can cost you a small fortune. Not every cell site lease buyout is an apples to apples comparison, and not every cell tower lease buyer is the same either. Don't expect an unpaid and overworked commissioned sale person to make you the best offer on the purchase of your cell tower lease rental stream. You can rest assured that if you are dealing with a broker or a sales representative, you're not getting the best possible deal. 

We Buy Ugly Towers is a part of the Tower Genius family of websites. The owners of Tower Genius have been dangling wireless carrier site acquisition representatives off of rooftops and consulting for mobile phone mast lease landlords and cell tower landlords since 2008, and have over 45 years of combined tower development and leasing experience, and have helped develop over 10,000 cell towers for the carriers in the USA and have assisted thousands of landlords navigate negotiations with the wireless carriers and telecoms.  If you have decided that it is time to sell your cell tower or cell site rental stream, we would invite you to give us a call to discuss your options.

We Buy Ugly Towers Can Help: Schools, Self Storage Facilities, Churches, Hospitals, Farmers, Municipalities, Public Housing Authorities, Public Utilities, Country Clubs, Shopping Centers, Commercial Buildings, Condominium Associations, Hotels and Cell Tower Landlords in all 50 States.  Call Today. 844-99-BUYER / 844-992-8937. 

Don't Pay For Your Cell Tower Lease Buyout Broker's New BMW.

We Buy The Following Types of Cell Tower Leases:

  • AT&T Leases
  • Cingular Leases
  • T-Mobile Leases 
  • Sprint Leases
  • Nextel Leases
  • US Cellular Leases
  • Metro PCS Leases
  • Verizon Wireless Leases
  • American Tower Leases
  • Crown Castle Leases
  • SBA Communications Leases
  • Vertical Bridge Leases
  • Cell Tower Company Leases
  • Canadian Cell Tower Leases
  • Wind Cell Tower Leases 
  • Rogers Cell Tower Leases
  • Bell Mobility Leases
  • Rooftop Antenna Leases
  • Rural Cell Tower Leases
  • Urban Cell Tower Leases
  • Single Carrier Tower Leases
  • Multi-Carrier Tower Leases
  • Cell Tower Easements
  • Cell Tower Ground Leases
  • Cell Tower Lease Portfolios
Bring Us Your Best Offer.

We Buy Ugly Towers Are Buyers & Investors, Not Brokers. Here is Our Promise to You:

When you are talking to We Buy Ugly Tower dot Com, you are talking to a Partner or an Owner, one of the actual buyers and cell tower investors who make the offers to buy the cell tower leases. If your cell tower lease or rooftop cellular antenna lease meets our specific investment criteria, we will make you a firm, one-time, premium no-nonsense cell site lease buyout offer. The cash lump sum offer that we make for a perpetual rental stream easement will have an expiration attached to it. Once that deal expires, we move onto the next site. We promise that we will never chase you for your business. We will never make a telemarketing call to solicit you. When you are ready to sell, make sure that you talk to a Tower Genius cell tower lease buyer and telecommunication lease investor about selling us your cell phone tower rental stream. If we like your cell phone tower, we promise to make you an offer that you can't refuse.   

We Buy Ugly Towers 

We Buy Ugly Towers. 844-99-BUYER / 844-992-8937

If You Need Assistance Reviewing Or Negotiating  A Cell Tower Lease, If You Have Questions About Selling Your Lease, If You Have Questions About Changing Technology, Or To Learn More About What We Do At Tower Genius, Please Visit Us At:    www.TowerGenius.com

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